When is a Text Message Appropriate for Your Business?

When to send a text message

When is a Text Message Appropriate for Your Business?

To text or not to text, that is the question.  Communication is one of the most important components of any marketing strategy, but also sometimes that hardest to crack.  As technology has evolved and our communication channels have changed, the line between formal and informal communication has blurred.  While text messaging is a quick and easy way to connect, is a text message appropriate for your business?

Why Text Your Prospects

According to OpenSource.com, most text messages are responded to within ninety seconds, while most emails receive a response within ninety minutes.  Text messaging is a great way to quickly connect with your prospects and nurture a business relationship.  The open rate for a text message is significantly higher than email.  A text message is also much harder to ignore.  It is in our human nature to jump when we hear the alert of a text message.

When to Text Your Prospects

Text message marketing works best when your prospective customer has opted in and is eager to receive your communications.  You can also get the same reassurance in a face-to-face meeting where your customer has agreed to communicate via text message.  If someone wants to opt out, honor their request and ask your customer for their preferred communication channel.  Respond to any customer messages in a timely manner and try to avoid texting outside of traditional office hours unless you have to OK to do so.

In the instance where you have received a response to your message, do not follow your text with a phone call.  Just because you received a response does not mean your customer is available to talk.  If a more in-depth conversation is warranted, request a time to set up a phone chat.

How to Text Your Prospects

While text messaging has quickly become the preferred channel of communication, it can also be viewed as informal.  Before your send your text, ask yourself if it is business text message appropriate. Do not spam, text all hours of the day, use informal language (back off the emojis) or shorthand.  Craft your message as you would any marketing communication.  Make it brand specific and use a call-to-action that engages your recipient.

For more tips on how to use text message in your marketing plan check out this post on how to write a great text message.

Leah Buller