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Recap: Cox Communications “Get Started” Omaha


Let’s “Get Started”:

Thursday, September 20th marked the annual Cox “Get Started” pitch contest in Omaha, NE.  A modified “Shark Tank”, this event gives 5 start ups the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in the hopes of winning the $7500.00 prize.  The presenters only have two and a half minutes to share their problem, solution and vision for their company,  Each presentation is then followed by a short question and answer session allowing the founders to plead their case.

This years esteemed judges brought a variety of experience and insight to the panel.  Hosted by Julie Minton of Cox Communications, the panel consisted of Jon Fine, Executive Director of Inc. Media, Ramon Ray, Editor and Founder of Smart Hustle Magazine and SmallBizTechnology.com, Victor Gutwein, Managing Director and Board Member of M25 and Allie Esch, Associate at Dundee Venture Capital.

The five finalists consisted of businesses in real estate, clothing design, retail marketing and the art trade.  Here are your five finalists:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Founder: John Stuifbergen

A pre-market home buying platform that helps potential buyers express their interest in buying someone’s home before it even goes on the market.  iHeartYourHouse gives buyers a jump on the marketing and the chance to live in the home they’ve set their heart on.


Founder: Karisa Malchow

An online shopping experience with clothing designed for tall women, with options that flatter their stature and are guaranteed to fit.  With a made-to-measure approach, each piece is stitched specifically for the woman ordering without having to deal with the hassle and price tag that comes along with tailoring.


Founder: Keith Fix

Measures traffic demographics and engagement with any in-store display.  Retail manufactures can see their products “in the wild”, through the eyes of their customers.  Retail aware gives retail manufactures the analytics to increase sales and promotions – all handled remotely and in real-time.


Founder: Xavier Jackson

A virtual platform in which creatives can sell directly to their audience, connect with like-minded peers and learn about opportunities in their area.  Artists can use their profiles as a resume of their work and easily integrate into the creative community


Founders: Shannon Snow and Daniel Lawse

Address the problem that people just have too much physical stuff.  Space Worthy will utilize a database to run valet-storage, catalog items, collect item history, leverage the sharing economy and more.

TextyPress was honored to participate in “Get Started” through the use of TextyPitch, our contact exchange platform that allowed the presenters to connect with “Get Started” patrons by sending their pitches a head of time via text message.  Each presenter was given a QR code for scanning and a personal pitch number to push their business information to all who approached their booth.  After presentations were wrapped, the fan favorite was selected by the audience using digital ballots sent via TextyPitch.

…and the winner is:

While all the presenters showed extremely well, the winner, walking away with the fan favorite $1500 and the overall prize was RetailAware.  Learn more about Cox “Get Started” pitch contest and it’s participants at CoxBlue.com/GetStartedOmaha


Leah Buller