8 Reasons Mobile Message Marketing Really Works!

How often are you truly away from your mobile phone?  If you think about it, we take our phones with us everywhere.  In fact, 89% of smartphone users always have their smartphones at reach.  Everyone is waiting for the three little dots and the perpetual ping of a text message.  Mobile messaging is the preferred means of communication among Millennials and Generation X, which makes up almost 50% of the American population.

US Population by Age and Generation

Stand Out with Mobile Message Marketing:

Text marketing cuts through the clutter of email and gets right down the important parts, the message.  There are 7 key components to text messaging that make it not only appealing to marketers, but also the best way to personally reach your target market.

Text Messaging is Independent:

You can interact with text messaging whenever you like. Read your message right away or later when you have time.  Test messaging operates all on its own.  Your phone doesn’t even have to be on and yet you will receive your messages as soon as you press power.

Text Messaging is Continuous:

Conversations are on going and continue. The messenger can add context and elaborate, follow up and build context.  No limits to character counts or time between messages.  You can start and stop whenever you please.

Text Messaging is Organized:

It’s a simple list of conversations. The most recent moving to the top with every ping.  Come back and check out old messages, save, delete or share text messages with ease.

Text Messaging is Easy:

Messages can be easily read from an opened phone or a locked screen. Even from a watch!

Text Messaging is Casual:

No need for formal formats or writing etiquette. Text messaging offers a way to connect in your own language.  Mobile messaging is a great way to build your brands message and wording. Keep it cool!

Text Messaging is Accessible:

Text messaging is available to everyone with a smartphone. Whether using the built in app or a third party platform, rest assured your message is received.

Text Messaging is Emotional:

Whether you are sending an emoji, a link to a news article or a humorous GIF, you can get your message across with whatever expression you wish.  Again, drive home your branding message with unique infographic, compelling image or maybe just a stylish icon.

Text Messaging is Addictive:

It is hard to resist the chime of a newly received message.  Smartphone users have been conditioned to react and respond to the sounds of a text message.  Capitalize on our Pavlovian response to mobile messaging with a great marketing pitch.

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8 Reasons Mobile Message Marketing Really Works

Leah Buller